At PCOS Natural Health, we specialise in empowering women with PCOS to reclaim control over their health and wellbeing through our holistic approach. Our mission is to provide personalised guidance, support, and resources to help you navigate your journey towards hormonal balance, vitality, and confidence.

Exhausted from the same old advice?

Do you find yourself seeking solutions for your PCOS, only to hear the same comments: "just lose weight" or "take the pill"?

I've been there too. I understand your frustration.

You're eager to discover how to empower your body and mind without relying on medication for life.

After all, if shedding that extra weight was that simple, you'd have done it already!

Perhaps it feels like your body is working against you, ignoring all your efforts to make a difference to your symptoms, cycle, weight, skin, and confidence. 

No matter how healthy you eat, how much you exercise, or how many supplements you take.


The endless sea of information on Google can be overwhelming, leaving you yearning for a clear roadmap to transform your life.

If you're ready to unlock the secrets of living in harmony with your hormones – you're in the perfect place.

"If you're dealing with PCOS and looking for some relief, I highly suggest Dani... Couldn't recommend more!"

- Issy P

Let's cut to the chase...

You're not in the market for yet another prescription.
You've already danced the supplement and diet tango - keto, paleo, vegan, restricted calories, intermittent fasting - and frankly, it's left you wondering why is nothing working!
You and your body seem stuck in an unending battle, leaving you questioning why things can't just be, well, normal.
The frustration, the confusion, the exhaustion - it's like you want to shout at your body, "Just tell me what I need to do?"
To top it off, it seems like there are no clear answers gathered in one place. There are jigsaw pieces scattered everywhere and it feels impossible to keep track of them all. 
But here's the thing – you know there must be a better way, and you sense there is a natural, compassionate path to balancing your hormones and managing your PCOS.
A path that gives you back control.
So... are you ready to take that path?

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 "I have seen improvements in my health and the way I feel. This is so helpful. Can't thank you enough"

- Jenny Webber

Helen W

I highly recommend Danielle for your hypnotherapy needs. She tailored the session to my requirements, asked great questions beforehand, and made me feel very at ease. My mind usually wanders when I try meditating, but with Danielle I was able to stay focused with her calming words.







Mind-Body Hormone Solution

I believe your success as a woman struggling with hormonal imbalances can be found through something called the Mind-Body Hormone Method. It's a powerful, new, and unique system to achieve hormone balance and holistic wellbeing. I used to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by hormonal imbalances and their impact on my life, but with the Mind-Body Hormone Method, I've discovered a transformative approach to balance hormones and reclaim vitality and confidence.


Hey, I'm Dani, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Hypnotherapist,
and the creator of PCOS Natural Health.

My mission is to help women with PCOS achieve optimal health and wellness through a combination of Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. As someone who struggled with PCOS for many years and felt hopeless after not seeing any improvements, I hit rock bottom. It was from this experience that a series of drastic life changes led me to study holistic health and take ownership of my own health.

I'm trained in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy at Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute and Health Sciences (Naturopathy) at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand.
By integrating the power of mindset in creating transformations via Hypnotherapy with the foundations of Naturopathy, such as nutrition, exercise, supplements, sleep, and stress management, I help my clients overcome various health concerns. I specialise in PCOS-related concerns, including anxiety, stress, menstrual health, hirsutism, weight issues, infertility, mood issues, confidence, fatigue, and chronic pain.
My approach to wellness is centered around mind and body integration, empowering clients to take an active role in their healing journey. I offer personalised plans that incorporate Hypnotherapy sessions, dietary recommendations, and natural remedies. I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve long-term health and wellness.
When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy spending time in nature, exploring New Zealand in our campervan, hiking, snowboarding, practicing yoga, and cooking healthy plant-based meals. I have traveled to 35 countries, where I have gained inspiration from learning about traditional healing practices in various parts of the world.
I started PCOS Natural Health with the goal of creating opportunities for all women with PCOS to have access to holistic health and wellness alternatives that can help reverse symptoms, so they can live happily in remission, free from the burden of hormonal symptoms. I am committed to helping my clients achieve their health goals and live a life of balance, harmony, and long-term wellbeing.

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What My Clients Say

Olivia S

"Danielle is absolutely amazing. She is kind, totally professional and makes you feel truly understood. She has helped boost my confidence and energy levels."

Helen W

"I highly recommend Danielle for your hypnotherapy needs. She tailored the session to my requirements, asked great questions beforehand, and made me feel very at ease. My mind usually wanders when I try meditating, but with Danielle I was able to stay focused with her calming words."

Charlotte H

"Dani listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped me to believe in myself.  I felt comfortable opening up and talking to her, she made me feel understood.  She is kind and knowledgeable.  Highly recommend."

Issy P

"If you're dealing with PCOS and looking for some relief, I highly suggest Dani. I had the pleasure of working with her and her hypnotherapy techniques were both calming and effective. Dani was super professional and made me feel at ease throughout our session. Couldn't recommend more!"

Kathryn C

"Danielle was extremely easy to talk to and had great insight. Her questions really helped me focus on to my issues and made me feel at ease with her. She has a lovely calm voice for the hypnotism and some great visualizing techniques. Would love to have further sessions. Thanks!"

Georgia O

"I would recommend anyone struggling with PCOS to have a session with Dani. She was very professional and I found the hypnotherapy truly relaxing and powerful."



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